Cotton Science-Current Issue Current Issue EN-US 5 <![CDATA[Effects of sulfate stress on physiology and metabolism of cotton]]> <![CDATA[Modulatory effects of several plant growth regulators on the high temperature tolerance of cotton]]> <![CDATA[Estimation of the quantity of drip-irrigated cotton seedling based on color and morphological features of UAV captured RGB images]]> <![CDATA[Effects of farmland landscape pattern on adult population dynamics of <i>Lygus pratensis</i> in Aral Reclamation Area of Xinjiang]]> <![CDATA[Molecular marker-assisted selection and pyramiding effect related to fiber quality traits on chromosome 16 using the populations of chromosome segment substitution lines from <i>Gossypium hirsutum</i> × <i>G. barbadense</i>]]> <![CDATA[Spatial and temporal variability of soil salinity in cotton field in Shihutan irrigation area in the northern Xinjiang]]>